Special Projects

Special Projects

Geltzer Family Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award

This award honors an individual who has taken volunteer service to the highest level - year after year and has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to build better communities and advance public well-being. Individuals nominated have made service a way of life for many, many years.

2022 Award – Irwin Stoolmacher
Consultant – Author – Columnist

2018 Award – James W. Parker
Filmmaker – Entrepreneur – Philanthropist

2017 Award – Martin Tuchman
Philanthropist – Entrepreneur

2016 Award – Emilio Papa
Trustee Emeritus
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

2015 Award – Steven Leder Esq.
Past Chair/Trustee
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

2014 Award – Jan Curran
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

2013 Award – Kathleen M. Wooley
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen


Job Development Program - Rescue Mission of Trenton

Residents receive comprehensive and integrated training in sales, customer service, and telemarketing. Since its inception in January 2013, the number of participants securing employment has been remarkable. The program provides residents with hands-on job training and a chance to learn a set of skills that is transferable across multiple business sectors.


Drexel University College of Business - New 12 Story Academic Center

The Drexel University College of Business Geltzer Family Foundation Case Classroom on the first floor of the new academic center opened for classes September 2013.


Princeton Day School Sustainability Project – Garden Classroom

Princeton Day School’s new garden classroom on campus, located next to the school’s organic garden, opened September 2012. Designed by architect Susan Bristol, the structure serves as a covered extension of the garden and includes tables, chairs, a chalkboard, and a kitchen. The classroom will be a central hub on campus where any teacher in any division or discipline can take a group to have class outdoors, exposing students to fresh air and a relaxed environment. This space will allow Princeton Day School students the opportunity to embark on the learning journey, from seed to table. The garden classroom is an example of sustainable architecture, utilizing solar panels, which power fans in the hot weather, as well as a water system using rainwater collected in cisterns for the garden. These features offer the students the opportunity to be drawn into hands-on discussions of energy and resource use, making the garden classroom a working lab in addition to a classroom.


Northeast High School College Alumni Link

College Alumni Link was created to help Northeast High School Students contact and learn from an Alumnus of NEHS who attended a College or University of interest. This is a terrific way for a student to gain the advantage of "inside information" about campus life and opportunities. Best of all, the information comes from someone who's actually been there - a former NEHS Student who can share his or her insights about the general environment and curriculum. http://www.nehsalumnilink.com/


“Keeping the Bowl Full”, TASK Endowment Campaign

The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) depends predominantly on the community at-large for its support. TASK receives less than 3% of its annual funds from the Government. An Endowment Fund will significantly reduce the amount of funds that TASK must raise on an annual basis. The “Keeping the Bowl Full” Endowment Fund will help ensure that TASK will be there to feed the hungry of our community for the years ahead. For information, go to https://trentonsoupkitchen.org/.


Trenton Circus Squad

Trenton Circus Squad empowers low-income and at-risk teens and younger children to make a difference, in their own lives and those of others. They use circus arts as a vehicle to bring diverse youth together to cooperate, challenge themselves and serve their community through performing and teaching.