Geltzer Family Foundation
Thanksgiving at Home Program

The Geltzer Family Foundation underwrites the “Thanksgiving at Home” Program. Established in 2006 and administered by The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. The 2022 Program allowed 343 families in need to enjoy a turkey dinner complete with all the trimmings for their Family Thanksgiving celebrations. Since its inception over 14,000 family members have participated and enjoyed the benefits of The Geltzer Family Foundation Thanksgiving at Home Program. Shown below are some responses from the patrons of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen that participated in this wonderful program.

Guinness World Record

As part of the Rescue Mission of Trenton’s centennial celebration, The Geltzer Family Foundation was the lead sponsor in breaking The Guinness World Record for units of clothing collected for recycle/donation. The record of 179,550 units was set on November 15,2015. Breaking the Guinness World Record impacted the community by increasing the exposure of the Rescue Mission’s Socially Responsible Recycling Program and helping to generate additional funds for the Rescue Mission’s Programs to support those truly in need.

TASK “Share” Project.

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen’s performing arts program The SHARE Project was created to give individuals an opportunity to express themselves creatively through original writings and music. SHARE takes people out of isolation and brings them into the community. SHARE members meet weekly for practice and perform throughout the area. Events, such as performances at the Anti-Poverty Network, use the arts to draw attention to a good cause, combating poverty in New Jersey. SHARE members were among the winners of ShopRite’s Partners in Caring “Expressions of Hunger” art contest. Contestants were asked to submit a video explaining via song, dance or poetry, their views on the issue of hunger. The SHARE Project video called “The Red” depicts several members reciting poetry against a variety of Trenton-area backdrops. The SHARE Project members were honored when Cheerios boxes featuring their picture were unveiled at ShopRite Stores. To view the video, go to